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Grand Theft Auto Online: 5 tips to level up quickly

Samuel Marc

[Update] Patch 1.03, as released on 10/09/13, prevents you from replaying missions once you’ve completed them.

How can you earn the maximum number of Reputation Points in the shortest time in Grand Theft Auto Online? These five tips help you to quickly climb the ranks of the underworld to become the most wanted gangster in Los Santos.

For those who have missed an episode, in Grand Theft Auto Online, Reputation Points (RP) are required to unlock some of the most valued items (clothing, vehicles, weapons, etc.) in the game. Worse, you have to wait until level 5 before you can buy an apartment, while some missions and related activities can’t be accessed until you reach a certain level.

Shop alone

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Paradoxical as it may seem, one of the best ways to level up quickly in Grand Theft Auto Online is to play multiplayer solo! Specifically,  there are some races you’ll have to focus your efforts on to accumulate the maximum RP in the shortest time.

Go to the Grand Theft Auto Online menu and select a race to host. Close the race to other participants, setting the Matchmaking option to Closed. You’re now the only driver, an ideal way to ensure you finish in first place and earn the RP awarded to the winner.

Steal cars

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Stealing cars will allow you to easily accumulate Reputation Points. And if you attract the attention of the police force, it’s even better! Escaping your pursuers will also earn RP and you’ll progress faster. Note that you can also attack innocent bystanders to achieve the same goals.

Fulfill contracts

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The easiest way to quickly level up in Grand Theft Auto Online is still to fulfill contracts – the famous Jobs – that will be given to you by various characters in the game. Fulfill these missions to earn RP and GTA$, the currency used for Grand Theft Auto Online transactions.

Join a crew

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Grand Theft Auto Online encourages teamwork and rewards you with a bonus of 20% extra Reputation Points for missions including a Crew. Note that if you prefer small groups, simply filling out a contract with a teammate will reward you 10% additional RP.

You now know how to optimize your gaming experience to earn maximum RP and level up quickly in Grand Theft Auto Online. Soon, the slickest clothes, vehicles, weapons, and the most luxurious apartments in Los Santos will be yours!

What are your tips to level up quickly in Grand Theft Auto Online?

Original article by Samuel Marc on Softonic FR

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