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GTA Online: how to make cash quickly and easily

Maria Baeta


In GTA Online you need money to buy weapons, clothes, vehicles, and property. There’s more than one way of making money, and we’re going to show you how…

How to make cash quickly and easily

Get a job

As in real life, the most obvious way to earn money in GTA Online is by getting a job. There are four main groups with lots of variations:

  • Careers
  • Deathmatches
  • Missions
  • Challenges

GTA Online jobs appear on the map as single-player missions, or you can quickly check what’s available using your mobile phone. Jobs are unlocked as you progress through the game, so there will come a time you’ll have plenty of options.

The more jobs you do, the higher your level in the game and the greater the rewards. Working in groups will allow you to make even more money.

How much money does each job earn? At first, just a little, not much more than a few hundred, but as you level up, you can make a fortune. An example of this is a job on level 15 which can net you $9,000, if you’re quick enough.

Steal cars and sell them

In GTA Online, in Los Santos you can steal cars or hijack one being driven by a passerby. After stealing one, go to any Los Santos Custom Mods store where you’ll find willing buyers.

Try getting the car there in the best possible condition, since the store will deduct any necessary repairs from the value of the vehicle. For example, for a model worth $3,000, with $500 in damages, you’ll net $2,500 per vehicle.

Also try stealing the more expensive cars: you’ll find them at the most luxurious hotels, so head to the richer areas of the city for your criminal deeds. But note that Los Santos Custom Mods doesn’t pay more than $9,000 for any car.

If you want more money for it, contact Simeon – Franklin’s contact – in GTA V. If a seller is interested particular model cars: find them, steal them, and deliver them. If they’re exclusive models, the reward will be greater.

Just a couple of tips before entering the world of thievery. First, the police monitoring – after you steal a vehicle, you’ll need to evade the police so you don’t get caught. Second, keep in mind that you can only sell one car per in-game day (equivalent to 48 minutes of real time).

Rob stores and pedestrians

Another option to increase revenue is to steal from the shops in Los Santos (mainly drugstores, supermarkets, and gas stations). These robberies are the same as for the offline game, with the peculiarity that you can do group robberies and, if you do, you divide your earnings among all participants.

Remember that if you wear a mask during the robberies, the police are less likely to discover you and you can turn this “profession” in one of your regular, safe activities.

If you want to earn money even faster, you can steal from the poor pedestrians who populate Los Santos. Most people don’t usually carry much money with them, but things change if you attack people who withdraw money from ATMs around the city.

And when you earn money…protect it!

Just as you can steal from anyone, anyone can steal from you. So once you have some money, go to the bank’s web site from your mobile phone or go to a bank cashier and deposit the money you’ve earned.

Be patient and you’ll get rich

Things can be a bit frustrating at the beginning because you’ll be poor and even when you DO  do jobs, they won’t net you much money. But the more you level up, the more options you’ll have and the higher your salary will be. With a little patience, you’ll have saved enough money, not only for clothing or weapons but even to buy your own home or garage.

If you want to get rich in the single-player version of GTA V, check out this guide where you’ll learn other ways to make money in Los Santos.

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